Friday, March 2, 2012

An Unsettled Range by Andrew Grey

5/5 stars

I love this series, I mean how can you not love this series? The setting is beautiful and the cast of men, who start out as sad, tortured men, are gorgeous. Each installment just gets better and we get to see how the characters from previous books are doing which is always a plus for me.

In this book Dakota and Haven take in a young drifter named Liam. Liam has been thrown away by his father for being gay. Meeting and staying with the two ranchers does wonders for his shattered body and mind, but meeting Troy makes his soul mend back together.

Troy is just as shattered, but for completely different reasons. But pulling a gun on Liam leads him to a place he never thought he'd be, a place of acceptance and love.

I hope their will be more books in this series because I'm not ready to let these guys go. Mr. Grey writes some unbelievable books and I completely recommend them all.

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