Monday, March 12, 2012

Wrong Side of Dead by Kelly Meding

4/5 stars

Dreg City Series #4

If there is anyone who needs a vacation it is Evy Stone. She has been killed and brought back twice, tortured twice, beat up repeatedly, and killed countless enemy all in about a four month period. Now, in this book she has to deal with her estranged boyfriend, a new agency and a new threat to said agency. Wow! The next book in the series should be a novella where she does nothing but sits on a beach with drinks with little paper umbrellas for fifty pages.

Seriously, this book answered a few questions left hanging from the last book and threw out a few new ones. I'm quite excited about the next book in the series as it seems Wyatt will have a much larger part then just backing up Evy. I definitely recommend this book but you must read the three previous books to understand what is going on since they each pick up immediately after the last one ends.

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