Friday, March 30, 2012

Much Ado About Rogues by Kasey Michaels

Meet the Blackthorn Brothers—three unrepentant scoundrels infamous for being mad, bad and perilous to love.Who is the darkly handsome Don John "Black Jack" Blackthorn? With his air of mystery and menace, the whispers about him hint of highwayman or government agent or even dark prince. But no one knows what it is Black Jack does …or how dangerous he can truly be. Now Jack's mentor has disappeared, and Jack must track him down before it's too late. His unlikely help: the man's daughter—the very woman Jack had once wooed and betrayed. Lady Tess Fonteneau knows more about the fine art of clandestine activities—and about the mysterious Mr. Blackthorn—than he realizes. As their journey leads them on the adventure of a lifetime, their reunion is fraught with passion, high-stakes danger and the one twist of fate Jack never saw coming….

3.75/5 stars

Wow, what a way to end the series! All along Jack has been this dark, mysterious man who we know very little about, but in this book we got to see who the man was behind the mask, so to say. As the middle of three bastard sons of a Marquis, Jack leaves home and begins working for the Crown doing the dirty work not too many others could do. Here he is sent after the man who was his mentor and is met with the man's daughter, Tess who he once thought himself in love with. They end up working together to try to unravel the mystery of her father's disappearance and find that after four years apart their attraction for each other has only grown stronger. Along the way they learn quite a few secrets that impact the way they see everyone around them and each other.

I liked that we finally got to see Jack as a real person and that he wasn't the bad man his family thought he was. Tess was the right fit for him and her little surprise made him an even more approachable character. The action was just enough to keep it moving along and the romance was perfect. I wouldn't mind a spin-off series from this so I could see what's up with Will.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Artistic Pursuits by Andrew Grey

Frank Jennings is an FBI agent looking for redemption. Leslie Carlton is an Interpol agent looking for a thief. Attraction flares from the moment they meet on a case searching for a stolen triptych of unique Tiffany windows, but after a single night of stunning passion, Leslie is called back to London to continue his search there.

When the case heats up again, Leslie returns to the States—and to Frank—but their investigation is complicated by their tumultuous feelings. Is it possible for two dedicated detectives to pursue each other while they’re tracking down stolen art and the unscrupulous man who steals it?

5/5 stars

Another beautiful installment to the Bottled Up series. I know I say this about each new book, but this really is my favorite so far. Its really easy to say that each of these books just keeps getting better and in this case its true.

In this book we meet Frank, a FBI agent who is given a case of stolen Tiffany windows and Leslie, an agent from Interpol who just happens to be in the US on a similar case. They meet, they work the case, and of course they act on their attraction. What made this book so great was the pull the two felt for each other, but their thinking things can't work out because the little problem of living on different continents. They make you root for their HEA because deep down you KNOW they belong together. I loved when they finally figured this out too. And as always we were given a glimpse of past characters, Nicolai and Brian and introduced to new ones as well.

I can't recommend this series enough. Try it, you'll love it.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Caller ID by Rachelle J. Christensen

When twenty-three-year-old Courtney Beckham is abducted near her home, the search turns up more than just a kidnapping crime. FBI agent Jason Edwards investigates the ten-million-dollar ransom and stumbles upon something he wasn't meant to find. When Courtney catches a glimpse of the caller ID in her kidnapper's home, what she sees turns her world upside down.

3.5/5 stars

I wasn't sure about this book when I started reading it, but the farther I read the more it sucked me in. I just had to know what happened to Courtney and how she planned on getting out of the mess she quite literally stumbled on. There is a lot of action and a tiny bit of romance between our main character and Jason, a FBI agent. I didn't realize this was the second in a series, but I don't think I missed anything by not reading the first book, Wrong Number. This is a good book for anyone wanting a good suspenseful book that can be read fairly quick. I will definitely be reading more from Ms. Christensen in the future.

Friday, March 23, 2012

My new great-niece at 3 weeks

Lillian Jean

Errors and Omissions by Lee James

2.5/5 stars

This was more like 2.5 stars. I liked the storyline of the book, but I didn't care for the characters- any of the characters. Kirk is a man who was married but is in the midst of a divorce when he gets hired for a simple job of finding a supposed dead rock star. The attraction he feels for the dead guy's brother, who also is a rock star, is returned even though Austin is married too. While working the case we are introduced to Stan, a detective, who ends up in a relationship with Kirk. Stan and Kirk confess their love for each other and even move in together after one date. What?! Kirk and Austin are still flirting with each other while trying to find Austin's brother and fighting off a killer. Which brings me to John, the killer, in the book description he is said to be the "coldest killer since Hannibal Lecter" but Kirk and Austin both get attacked at different times by him and he runs off. And don't even get me started on Austin and his horrible accent. I found myself cringing any time he came onto the page and opened his mouth. And while he is in mourning he is playing poker and looking at other men. I realize there is nothing wrong with doing those two things, but after only a few days or weeks of "the love of my life" dying, the last thing I would be doing is flirting and playing around.

I do give Mr. James credit though cause he did what I can't and that's to write a book. This is just my opinion of the book and you can take it or leave it.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Inherit the Sky by Ariel Tachna

4/5 stars

I never thought of sheep farming as sexy, but after reading this book I've discovered that at least the men working the farm are pretty darned sexy. Add in the Australian Outback scenery and you get a pretty sweet, heart-warming story. It was nice to read a romance where it was actually a romance between two people without the family, the ex, or some mysterious stranger threatening to get in between them before they have a chance at their HEA. I wouldn't mind reading another book or two that takes place at Lang Downs at least so we know how Caine and Macklin are settling into their relationship.

Friday, March 16, 2012

A SEAL in Wolf's Clothing by Terry Spear

4/5 stars

This was my favorite of the series so far. I loved Finn and Meara together. I really liked how Meara decide to find herself a mate by using the family's cabins but gets more then she bargained for with her little scheme. Add in hunky SEAL Finn and you just knew sparks were gonna fly. All the secondary characters were just as interesting as the two MCs. Ms. Spear really knows how to write a fantastic shifter book with sexy heroes/heroines with lots of chemistry. I can't wait to read more in this series.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Wrong Side of Dead by Kelly Meding

4/5 stars

Dreg City Series #4

If there is anyone who needs a vacation it is Evy Stone. She has been killed and brought back twice, tortured twice, beat up repeatedly, and killed countless enemy all in about a four month period. Now, in this book she has to deal with her estranged boyfriend, a new agency and a new threat to said agency. Wow! The next book in the series should be a novella where she does nothing but sits on a beach with drinks with little paper umbrellas for fifty pages.

Seriously, this book answered a few questions left hanging from the last book and threw out a few new ones. I'm quite excited about the next book in the series as it seems Wyatt will have a much larger part then just backing up Evy. I definitely recommend this book but you must read the three previous books to understand what is going on since they each pick up immediately after the last one ends.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Hair of the Dog by Ashlyn Kane and Morgan James

3.5/5 stars

This book was more of 3.5 stars book then a solid 4 stars. While I really liked the two MCs and the storyline I thought the bad guy was a little too obvious. Ezra was just too cute for words with his natural submissive side that drove Callum crazy. Together they were a great couple and not just in bed, but in every aspect of their relationship. The secondary characters were well written with some pretty funny lines. I would love to read more books with these characters. Highly recommended to anyone who enjoys a little humor with their shifters.

Friday, March 2, 2012

An Unsettled Range by Andrew Grey

5/5 stars

I love this series, I mean how can you not love this series? The setting is beautiful and the cast of men, who start out as sad, tortured men, are gorgeous. Each installment just gets better and we get to see how the characters from previous books are doing which is always a plus for me.

In this book Dakota and Haven take in a young drifter named Liam. Liam has been thrown away by his father for being gay. Meeting and staying with the two ranchers does wonders for his shattered body and mind, but meeting Troy makes his soul mend back together.

Troy is just as shattered, but for completely different reasons. But pulling a gun on Liam leads him to a place he never thought he'd be, a place of acceptance and love.

I hope their will be more books in this series because I'm not ready to let these guys go. Mr. Grey writes some unbelievable books and I completely recommend them all.