Monday, September 23, 2013

The Lost Wolf's Destiny (Harlequin Nocturne #167) by Karen Whiddon

A desperate mother. A scarred man. A powerful bond...

The moment he saw Blythe Daphne on the television news, Lucas Kenyon knew three things: she was a shapeshifter, like him. She was the most desirable creature he had ever seen. And she was in terrible danger.

Now, the wolf in Lucas is driving him to save Blythe and her young daughter from a man he knows is evil personified. A man who believes all shapeshifters are demons straight from hell. But Lucas knows he must never reveal the secret that threatens to tear him apart--not even to the one woman who could heal him.

ebook, 304 pages
Published September 1st 2013 by Harlequin Nocturne
2/5 Stars
This was the first book by Ms. Whiddon that I've read and I was looking forward to discovering a new author, but I'm not sure this is the author for me. I was first drawn in by the beautiful cover then the blurb sounded promising. I just found myself rolling my eyes enough to make me dizzy. I just couldn't stand some of the decisions made by both MCs and though the idea of the book sounded great it just didn't deliver. There was a lot of repeating, too. I guess maybe if I had read some of the prior books of this series I would've had a better understanding of what being Pack meant or was suppose to mean, but I found them almost as bad as the church. I mean, they steal the sick child away from her mother after the stuff she went thru with the church? But it was for her own good. Really?! There were other things I disliked but I don't want to write anymore spoilers. This is just a series I'll pass on in the future, but I encourage you to make your own decision.

Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Against the Ropes by Sarah Castille


He scared me. He thrilled me. And after one touch, all I could think about was getting more…

Makayla never thought she’d set foot in an underground mixed-martial arts club. But if anyone needs a medic on hand, it’s these guys. Trouble is, at her first sight of the club’s owner she’s the one feeling breathless.

All sleek muscle and restrained power, the man they call Torment plays to win at any cost. Whether it’s in the ring or in the bedroom, he knows exactly when to use a soft touch and when to launch a full-on assault. He always knows just how far he can push. And he’s about to tempt Makayla in ways she never imagined…

Published September 3rd 2013 by Sourcebooks Casablanca
4.5/5 stars
After reading mixed reviews about this book I decided that I just needed to read it myself. What I decided was that I really liked it which is odd considering there are so many things about the book that I usually find unappealing. For instance, I tend to stay far away from New Adult genre (IMO they all have the same plot...two people who are broken by some tragic secret can only be saved by each other) I hate reading about millionaires/billionaires who are into BDSM and I really dislike moustache-twirling bad guys (here there was a couple...debt collector #2, dudes from Geek Club). But somehow I found myself sucked into this story. I liked Max and just really liked the way he dealt with Makayla. He wanted to protect her so bad that it came out almost controlling but he knew she wouldn't put up with it so he compromised with her....sorta. Makayla definitely had some spunk to her and at times I found her quite comical other times I wanted to shake the stupid out of her but overall I liked her. I'd love to read more about these guys at Redemption, though I'd love to get rid of some of the nicknames.

Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC.