Monday, April 15, 2013

Flirting Under a Full Moon (Flirting with Fangs Trilogy #1) by Ashlyn Chase

If Brandee Hanson ever wants to go from waitress to photographer, she'll have to take some once-in-a-lifetime shots. But when she catches the gorgeous private investigator, Nick Wolfensen, on camera— transforming into a werewolf—she is thrown into a world of vampires, shapeshifters, and other paranormal misfits.

In order to keep his secret and stay clear of the supernatural council, Nick will have to convince Brandee not to release the photo. Fortunately, he was looking for an excuse to spend more time with the beautiful waitress anyway.

3/5 stars 

I have Ashlyn Chase's Strange Neighbors series, but haven't read it yet and didn't think I would need to in order to read this book since it's a start to a new series. Yeah, I was wrong. Nick is the twin brother of Konrad from book 2 of SN and there was a scene in this book talking about things that happened in the other book and didn't really explain it here so I was confused about what they were talking about.

A lot of stuff happens in this book and it happens quick and is resolved even quicker. The girl gets kidnapped (we're kinda told why) and Nick solves the case in one day. Next there's a problem with a picture being taken and it's solved by a gust of wind. The noise in the apartment resolved in one night. There just wasn't enough drama involved in anything in this book. Even the girl who got kidnapped was fine with it. No crying or freaking out or anything. She just accepted it like it happens all the time.

Nick was okay. He didn't really stand out as anything special. Brandee was annoying. Instead of cussing she would use all these really stupid expressions. Not saying she needed to have a filthy mouth, but all her little "oh my......" were enough to put me off any further books in this series. Not even sure if I'm going to read the SN series, cause I don't really get Ms. Chase's humor. I also couldn't figure out if this book was suppose to be YA or just juvenile PNR.

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