Friday, January 11, 2013

Keeper of the Night (The Keepers: L.A. #1) by Heather Graham

In their new Keeper roles, these extraordinary women must balance the fate of the world with their desires…

New Keeper Rhiannon Gryffald has her peacekeeping duties cut out for her—because in Hollywood, it’s hard to tell the actors from the werewolves, bloodsuckers and shape-shifters. Then Rhiannon hears about a string of murders that bear all the hallmarks of a vampire serial killer, and she must confront her greatest challenge yet. Together with Elven detective Brodie McKay, they head to Laurel Canyon, epicenter of the danger, where they uncover a plot that may forever alter the face of human-paranormal relations.

3/5 stars

I'm not to sure how I feel about this series. In all honestly, I haven't read The Keeper series, which this is a spin-off of, but I didn't feel as if I needed to considering this was suppose to be a new series written by three different authors. It started with a prequel novella that takes place in Las Vegas and whose characters have nothing to do with the new series, which confused me considering the series is called The Keepers:L.A. not The Keepers:Las Vegas. Anyway, I found myself liking the world it takes place in, a world of vampires, werewolves, elfin, goblins and other supernatural races, but I didn't really like the main characters.

The book is about three cousins who were made the new Keepers of L.A. after their fathers were promoted. Each of the women seemed like they didn't want to be Keepers, but are pretty much forced to take over the positions. I didn't understand why they had to do it if they a)didn't want to b)didn't get paid to do it c)seemed to not know what they were doing and d)nobody in L.A wanted them to do it either. I didn't understand why everybody seemed to be hindering the investigation because they weren't their fathers and were new to town.

I kept going back and rereading the blurbs from The Keepers books because it seemed as if I was suppose to know their fathers and some of the secondary characters had back-stories that seemed as if they were part of an earlier book and I should have known who they already were prior to reading this book ( I'm talking about Merlin and Uncle Bryce to name a few).

All that being said, I will read the next book for two reasons, I'd like to see where this series is going considering the net book is written by a different author and I already have an ARC of it. This series has real potential if Sailor (cousin #2) doesn't irritate me like she did in this book. 

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