Monday, January 21, 2013

In the Eyes of Crazy (Kontra's Menagerie #9) by Charlie Richards

On the Road: Sometimes, the shy quiet type, really aren’t shy or quiet at all.

Payson thought he’d found his mate once, but had been wrong. With his senses screwed up by scientist’s experiments, he no longer trusts them. He sleeps with any nice smelling, willing male—and some females—hoping his hyena will want to keep one of them. He’s shocked and delighted when he and his animal are in agreement over one sexy, nerdy human—Land Zimmerman. The sex is fantastic, Land’s shy virgin playfulness even better, and Payson gives in to his hyena’s urge to mark Land. The next morning, things heat up, and not in a good way. Payson’s jealous hyena attacks a fellow pack-member standing a little too close to Land. Can Payson convince his skittish human that he’s not as crazy as he seems?

4.5/5 stars

 I love Charlie Richard's writing. I started reading her Wolves of Stone Ridge series and loved every book then when this series came out I found a whole 'nother reason to love her.  The is a spin-off series and it's sexy and funny and just plain entertaining.  I am always amazed at the different types of shifters that pop up in this series.  There are the usual wolves and bears, but then there are penguins and snakes and even a peacock.  This is about Payson, a hyena shifter, who always stood out due to the fact he's a tad bit crazy.  He thought he found his mate once before, but decided it wasn't her since his hyena didn't take to her so he pretty much thought he'd never find his mate.  Then of course in walks Land.  Land is such a cute character.  He's a 21 year old geek, who also happens to be a virgin.  I think he was the perfect fit to Payson since he seems to be able to calm the craziness and accept him, hyena and all.  Payson was great for Land because he brings Land's inner fantasy to the surface.  They were definitely pretty Damn hawt together.   I love this series and can't wait for more.

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