Monday, October 31, 2011

Dylan by C.H. Admirad

4/5 stars

I read this right after reading Tyler and gotta tell ya, I liked this one much better. This book was the perfect amount of humor, drama and good old-fashion lovin'. The two MCs were the perfect fit for each other. Dylan knew exactly what he wanted when he saw Ronnie and after their first meeting he knew she was worth the trouble to get to know. All Ronnie saw was a sexy cowboy who was very confident of his ability to snap her up whether she wanted it or not. Thankfully, she decides that yes, she does want him and from there they heat up the sheets. Even the secondary characters are great and I can't wait to read Jesse's book to see which lucky girl catches his attention.

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C.H. Admirand said...

Hi Angie! Thanks for reviewing DYLAN. I'm so glad you enjoyed reading Ronnie & Dylan's story. :)

Thanks for the fab review!