Saturday, May 4, 2013

Against the Edge (Raines of Wind Canyon #8) by Kat Martin

A child he's never met. A danger he's never known.

That he's a father is news former navy SEAL Ben Slocum was not expecting. But once the initial shock wears off for the confirmed bachelor, he takes in the rest of what social worker Claire Chastain tells him: that his son is missing, abducted by a man who wants revenge against Claire and Sam's dead mother. And that Ben is now the child's only hope.

As Ben and Claire band together to track the two down, their concern for Sam draws them closer, each fighting feelings there's no time to explore. Because when their search takes them too close to Sam's abductor and his cohorts, the danger hits home-the son he's desperate to save, the woman he's desperate to love.... Ben's got one chance to take back what's his, and in one gunshot he could lose it all.

5/5 stars

Wow, what a book. This was my first Kat Martin, but after reading this book I've put the rest of this series in my TBR pile. This book started with Ben finding out he had a son and that his son was missing. From there the book didn't slow down at all. I really liked Ben and his determination to save Sam even though he had been kept from him for nine years. Claire was just as determined to save Sam any way she could. And of course together they stopped at nothing. They didn't make to bad a couple either. There was also couples from previous books that made an appearance or two. Even though this was the eighth book in the series I didn't feel lost in any way and don't feel as if you have to read the series in order to know whats going on, but I'm sure it would probably be more enjoyable. 

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