Thursday, May 23, 2013

Lady Vivian Defies a Duke (Beau Monde #4) by Samantha Grace

The Naked Truth

Lady Vivian Worth knows perfectly well how to behave like a lady. But observing proper manners when there's no one around to impress is just silly. Why shouldn't she strip down to her chemise for a swim? When her betrothed arrives to finally meet her, Vivi will act every inch the lady—demure, polite, compliant. Everything her brother has promised the man. But until then, she's going to enjoy her freedom...

A Revealing Discovery

Luke Forest, the newly named Duke of Foxhaven, wants nothing to do with his inheritance—or the bride that comes with it. He wants adventure and excitement, like the enchanting water nymph he's just stumbled across. When he discovers the skinny-dipping minx is his intended, he reconsiders his plan to find Lady Vivian another husband. Because the idea of this vivacious woman in the arms of another man might be enough to drive him insane—or to the altar.

4/5 stars

I'm sorry to see this series end, but at least it ends on with a good book. I love Samantha Grace's writing style and hope her next series will be just as good, if not better, then this one. Her writing brings to life the beautiful English countryside and the lush life lived by the characters she fleshes out.

Lady Vivian Worth is my favorite kind of heroine. She rides astride, shoots firearms, goes swimming and reads scandalous books. She's the exact type of girl I would want to be friends with. Luke Forest is, as Vivian points out, perfectly imperfect. Even though he's a duke he doesn't act as one and takes a quick liking to Vivian. They made a cute happy couple.

I wholeheartedly recommend this book and think anyone who likes the historical romance genre will love it. You don't have to read the books in this series in order to read this one, but in order to experience the full impact of the stories I would suggest you do. 

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