Monday, February 18, 2013

Savage Angel (Earth Angels#2) by Stacy Gail

Feel nothing. Sara Savitch's personal mantra has been hard to live by ever since her torrid one-night stand with army doctor Gideon Mandeville. Descended from the Seraphim, angels known as heaven's soldiers, Sara may be an expert fighter, but she's an amateur when it comes to relationships.

Physically unharmed, but still battle-scarred, Gideon has returned to Dallas in the hopes of regaining his faith in humanity—and in himself. Instead he's walked into a nightmare. His father is on a serial killer's hit list, and has hired a personal bodyguard—the very woman who has haunted Gideon's dreams for a year.

As Sara works to build an impenetrable fortress around her client, she yearns to tear down the one around Gideon's heart. With his bitter rejection of warriors, will he ever be able to accept her true nature? Sara must find a way to trust Gideon with her secret as the killer closes in.

4/5 stars

Well, I definitely liked this book better then Nobody's Angel, the first in the series, but still could care less about the characters. I liked Gideon more then Sara since he actually had a personality even though for most of the book he was a jerk, but he had his reasons I guess since he was suffering from PTSD. I didn't get the flip he did in his feelings though. One minute he almost seemed to hate Sara then two paragraphs later he'll do anything to have and protect her. Sara was just too stiff for me and I understand that's how she was suppose to be since it was brought up repeatedly that she's not good with people, but she has a best friend that liked her, her sparring partner who has been with her since she was a toddler, the hacker seemed to be in awe of her and she sat with her father's friend during recovery from major surgery. Those all add up to her being good with people. I'm not sure if I'll read anymore books in this series. 

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