Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Out in Blue (Return to Sanctuary #1) by Sarah Gilman

In a violent world where fallen archangels are hunted for their valuable plumage, Wren knows one thing for certain: the human woman who saved him from a poacher attack will die if she stays with him. The demon responsible for his parents’ gruesome deaths two decades ago pines for the chance to rip apart any woman who stands under Wren’s wing.

Wren doesn’t expect Ginger to stay by his side once she discovers his ability to drain life with a mere touch, yet she lingers. When an unusual talent of her own reveals the location of Wren’s father, Wren’s isolated world implodes. With the help of the demon protectors he’s sworn never to trust again, Wren risks everything to rescue his father, confront the demon who stalks his and Ginger’s every step, and claim his eternity with the most courageous woman he’s ever known.

3/5 stars

I just couldn't get into this book and not because it was a bad book, but because to me it read as a YA with an insta-love plot.  Wren is an archangel who lost both parents to a horrific murder by a close friend who then runs away to live by himself.  Ginger was brought up by a demon and has been sent away to experience human life.  This brings us to them meeting by Ginger saving Wren from poachers (three armed poachers).  Ginger takes him to a place to recover and BAM- starts falling in love.  Next day they take a shower and BAM- their in love.  If it would've been spread over a few weeks as opposed to a few days I think I would've enjoyed it more.  I like a slow build to a relationship not immediate.  That being said I will probably still read the next book just because I'd like to see where this series is heading.

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