Sunday, June 3, 2012

First Impressions by Christopher Koehler

The first time Henry Hughes and Cameron Jameson meet, it's an unmitigated disaster. Cameron reminds Henry of all he left behind when he stopped making adult films, and he cruelly rejects Cameron. When Cameron discovers Henry's porno-thespian past, he assumes he's dodged a bullet.

But circumstances continue to throw the two together. Though the physical attraction between them grows, they cling to first impressions, even as a slow dance reveals just how good they could be.

Henry finally realizes how wrong he was, but Cameron can't cope with "sleeping with the enemy". It will take a confrontation for Cameron to realize just how wrong he's been, but unfortunately, he may have lost his chance.

3/5 stars

I was sure that I was going to really like this book since I really liked the Cal Pac series that the author wrote, but that wasn't the case. It was good don't get me wrong, but it just wasn't what I was expecting. I liked Cameron well enough, he seemed like he was trying to get it together. Henry was at first a real jerk until we got to know him. All though why we had to read about him being a former porn star every time it mentioned him was beyond me. I mean I get it all ready he hates his former occupation, but he talks about it all the time. The roommates were the two characters that annoyed me the most. I hated the way they spoke to each other, the constant digs just drove me nuts. I would've liked to have read more interaction between Cameron and Henry. It seemed as if their love was kinda fast considering they only saw each other a couple of times and spent only one night together.

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Starts with a C said...

Thanks for taking the time to review FI. I'm sorry it didn't live up to your expectations, and if it makes you feel any better, CalPac3 (Burning It Down) is due at Dreamspinner in a month or so.

People's reactions to the characters have been rather polarized, that's for sure. You didn't much care for Van and Thad; others wanted them to have their own book (for the record that's not going happen). Some people think Cameron's mother is a cartoon; others have written me, amazed at how accurately I depicted their own mothers (true fact, which kind of scares me...).

And then there's Henry and Cameron. I really love those guys, and in retrospect I might've written the book differently, but I'd say that of all my books. (shrug). FI is in many ways an homage to Pride and Prejudice and I think in this way I adhered to closely to Austen, because just as the affection of Darcy for Miss Bennet (and vice versa) appears abruptly, so does Henry's and Cameron's.

No book is perfect and no book will please everyone, but this book seems to polarize my readers more than the previous two.

In any event, I do appreciate you reading it and posting a review.

Christopher Koehler