Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Gambling Men by Amy Lane

Quent Jackson has followed Jason Spade's every move in business and in poker since their first day as college freshmen. Eight years later, when Jace finally decides Quint is the one man he can't live without, he sees no reason for that to change.

But as much as Jace believes that poker is life, no one gave Quent the same playbook. After their first passionate night, the real game of love and trust begins, and Jace has been playing alone too long to make teaching the rules easy. Jace only speaks two languages: one of them is sex, and the other one is poker. Between the two, he needs to find a way to convince himself to take a chance on love—and Quent to take a chance on him. It's a lucky thing they’re good at reading the odds, because they’re playing for keeps, and this is one high-stakes relationship that's definitely worth the gamble.

5/5 stars

Amy Lane you have done it again. Another great book about men you actually care to know and really really want them to make it as a couple. The guys were just perfect for each other, although neither one alone is a perfect man...far from it. Jason's life revolves around poker and just about every talk he has with Quent somehow ends up being about poker on the surface, but you get the undertones of what he is trying to say. And Quentin is just so, I don't want to say adorable but that's exactly what he is when it comes to dealing with his feelings for Jason. I loved reading about these two guys and pretty much read it in one sitting cause I just had to know how their story would end. Then I found myself feeling a little sad because our journey together was over. I wouldn't mind seeing these guys pop up again somewhere. So I definitely recommend reading this or any other work by Ms. Lane as you won't be disappointed.

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