Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tattooed by Pamela Callow

She is obsessed with tattoos.

He is obsessed with her.

When a body is found on the outskirts of Halifax, rumors run wild about the victim's identity. But tattoo artist Kenzie Sloane knows exactly who she is. They share a tattoo... and a decade-old secret.
Lawyer Kate Lange remembers Kenzie Sloane. The former wild child was part of the same crowd that attracted her little sister, Imogen, before her death. Now Kenzie needs her help. And Kate needs answers.

But there are others who know about the tattoo and its history. And one of them is watching Kenzie's every move, waiting for the perfect moment to fulfill a dark promise that had been inked in her skin.

3.75/5 stars

You know, I have the absolute worse habit of reading books of a series out of order and once again I did it, I read this book which is the third in the series. I probably would've rated it higher had I actually read the first two books. I wasn't lost in the story., but I definitely lost some of the angst that Kate is feeling regarding the relationships she has with just about everybody in her life. This story picked up after she had been attacked twice before by people involved in other cases. Her childhood and the death of her sister play a big part in this case because she is representing the mother of her sister's friend. The friend Kate believes ruined her sister's life. I felt for Kate, I really did, it must be hard to carry that much anger around for almost twenty years. The character that really grabbed a hold of my attention and wouldn't let go was Kenzie. I had no clue how to feel about her....was she guilty, innocent, willing or forced? Was she a good girl that made a mistake or a bad girl who got away with it? All the way to the end I had one thought in mind- I have got to read the first two books in this series.

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