Monday, November 14, 2011

Artistic Appeal by Andrew Grey

5/5 stars

I really don't think it's possible for Mr. Grey to write anything except great books and Artistic Appeal exceeded my expectations. This is the follow up to Legal Artistry and continues with the process of trying to retrieve stolen art from the Austrian government. Along the way love has been found by the lawyers involved in the case. Gerald and Dieter were first to fall in love and then they take it upon themselves to help out their friend and fellow lawyer Brian.
Brian meets Nicolai at a party and soon they start dating. It seems their relationship is not going to go very far since they have to deal with so many things keeping them apart, an ex-wife and an ex-boyfriend, to name a few. But they do overcome all those and more while figuring out how they fit in each others lives. They were such a strong couple and I loved the way Brian learned ASL to show Nicolai how much he meant to him.

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