Thursday, September 15, 2011

Birthday Trouble

So, today is my great-nephew's first birthday. What should be a happy occasion has become a royal mess. He was take away from my niece when he was only a couple months old because of her drug use. He lives with my sister now which I have always thought as the best place for him even before he was placed there by the state. The reason today went to shit is because my niece found out he was having a birthday party this weekend and she can't be there because there will be no representative from the state. She, in her drug-hazed mind, believes the family is doing this to control her and force her to give up her drugs. Well...yeah we are, partly. She thinks she should be able to keep using while having him live with her. She doesn't realize that when she gets too high and passes out he is left on his own. She did go to rehab for a month and got clean, but when she found out the halfway house she was going to required her to either go back to school (she's a high school drop-out) or get a job (one that paid in check form not under-the-table cash) she gave up and started using again because "the state will pay me to stay home and watch my kid". She doesn't see the gift in front of her and it drives me crazy. Anyway, she's doped up now and calling me and my mom (her grandma) every hour to scream and cry to us about how unfair my sister is being in keeping her son away from her. Hopefully she won't show up Saturday to the party and make a scene. Family- gotta love 'em.

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