Monday, August 15, 2011

My Horrible Florida Trip Days 1-3

I just recently went on vacation with some family members to Ft. Myers, FL. It sounded like a good idea at the time, boy was I wrong! It started off with 6 people (ages 62-12) in a mini-van for a day and a half drive there. My mom drove, which she should not be allowed to do for long periods of time and believes firmly in synchronized peeing. My aunt rode shot gun and commented on gas prices at every exit from Indiana to Florida and back. My cousin had broken her ankle the week before we left and complained about every single thing she could find to complain about the entire trip. Two pre-teen girls being girls and myself rounded out this trip. Did I mention that my mom and I paid for the entire trip? Normally this wouldn't even come up, but for this story it needs to be known.

After getting to the condo on Saturday we discovered the air conditioner was not working and maintenance workers didn't work on the weekends. So, six people in a two room condo with no air was enough to drive me crazy. By the third day I was on edge. I decided to take everyone out to eat at the resturant next door. We get there, get seated out on the deck by the bay and start looking over menus, sounds calming yes? No. The two girls would only eat hot dogs (thankfully they were on the kid's menu) and my aunt looked at the prices and decided she was no longer hungrey. It took all of us about 10 minutes to convince her to eat. My cousin on the other hand, ordered the most expensive thing on the menu! A beautiful filet in a merlot reduction sauce, then turned around and asked for A1 to smother it in!

Finally, dinner was over and we walked back to our condo. My cousin and I went out to set by the tennis courts to relax. She had the nerve to set there and complain about her $50.00 meal by saying the steak tasted funny (well, we you mix A1 with merlot reduction sauce what do you expect?) and there wasn't enough alcohol in her drinks. Of course she also complained about the service and how long it took to get our food (15 minutes) and even the weather. Did I mention this was all free for her? I mean who acts like that?

That was my first three days. I should've known that it was only going to get worse.

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