Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Father At Last by Julie Mac

Sensible is lawyer Kelly Atkinson’s second name. So how can she love bad boy Ben Carter? Ben is a no‐go area, as far as she’s concerned. There can never be anything between them. Apart from their six‐year‐old son, Dylan.
And Dylan is all the more reason why there can never be anything between them. Kelly’s dad was in trouble with the law when she was a child and she lost him. Never in a million years would she want her darling son to suffer the same fate, the same despair, pain and gut‐wrenching, agonising loss.
No matter how powerful the chemistry between her and Ben. And it’s there, strong and potent as ever.

3/5 stars

Well, for a debut it wasn't that bad.  I'm not sure about the title considering Ben only met his son once and wasn't even properly introduced.  The story was about Kelly and Ben reconnecting after years apart.  Their story started when they were kids and led to a night of passion that resulted in two things a) an unplanned pregnancy and b) a misunderstanding that kept them apart for years. Why Kelly didn't confront Ben that night with what she found instead of running away is beyond me.  If I had such strong feelings for someone I'd like to think I would get answers instead of letting myself think the worst about the supposed love of my life.  But I guess if she had confronted him there would be no book to review.  Would've liked to have read more interaction between Ben and his son especially since the little boy took such a liking to him in that one meeting.  Will definitely keep an eye out for Ms. Mac's upcoming books.  

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