Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Good Bones by Kim Fielding

Skinny, quiet hipster Dylan Warner was the kind of guy other men barely glanced at until an evening’s indiscretion with a handsome stranger turned him into a werewolf. Now, despite a slightly hairy handicap, he just wants to live an ordinary—if lonely—life as an architect. He tries to keep his wild impulses in check, but after one too many close calls, Dylan gives up his urban life and moves to the country, where he will be less likely to harm someone else. His new home is a dilapidated but promising house that comes with a former Christmas tree farm and a solitary neighbor: sexy, rustic Chris Nock. Dylan hires Chris to help him renovate the farmhouse and quickly discovers his assumptions about his neighbor are inaccurate—and that he’d very much like Chris to become a permanent fixture in his life as well as his home. Between proving himself to his boss, coping with the seductive lure of his dangerous ex-lover, and his limited romantic experience, Dylan finds it hard enough to express himself—how can he bring up his monthly urge to howl at the moon?

4/5 stars

I'm always on the look-out for a good shifter book and this one really delivered. What made it even better is that I had never read anything by Kim Fielding so not only did I have a good times reading this book, but I found a new author to follow. I liked Dylan and the fact that he was moving out to the country to keep everyone safe and live what he thought would be a lonely life was so heartbreaking. But of course he meets Chris, the just so lovable red-neck, and finds that maybe life doesn't have to be so lonely after all. Of course life isn't perfect, especially when the man responsible for turning Dylan shows up and causes some major problems. You wouldn't think that Dylan and Chris would make a good couple since they're so different but I think that is exactly what makes them the perfect couple. Can't wait to read more from this author and hope more people discover her books.

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